Are you looking for a way to maintain your tenemental property in Edinburgh?

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Case Study: Edinburgh City Centre

Castle StreetWe were consulted by the owners of a tenement in Stockbridge. A Statutory Notice had been issued relating to loose stonework but the owners did not want the Council to step in and do the work. As a first step we undertook a survey of the roofs and elevations. We identified, reassuringly, that the roof coverings still had an adequate remaining life. The stonework was, however, a problem. Conventionally the necessary repairs, as part of a Statutory Notice repair scheme would have resulted in a bill for the owners of between £150K and £200K. However we discussed the options and agreed on a strategy that would make the building safe and arrest the decay and this was done, following a competitive tendering exercise at a cost of about £50K. The downside, as we warned in advance, was that this would leave the building looking rather worn which might be off-putting to future purchasers. However the feeling amongst the owners was that they would prefer to revisit this work a few years down the line and that is what they are doing now.

Case Study: Stockbridge, Edinburgh

StockbridgeThis Listed building has three tenanted residential flats and two commercial owners. It was in a poor state of repair. Getting everyone to agree on the way forwards took a while. We did a survey of the building and reported on the priorities. We then gathered together the necessary funds for the works which were then competitively tendered against a detailed scope of works. The contractor that undertook the work was well used to doing Council managed repairs but remarked on how different this project was. For once they were not bound by a convoluted rules system and were able to deliver a job they could be proud of. We believe that the owners also got outstanding value for money.